How to List Build for your creative career.

This podcast from Creative Women International, teaches you how to List Build for your creative career. Now you might be wondering what on earth I mean by List Building, and do I really need this?
I want to tell you that you do need it and it is simple and effective to do. If you haven’t already signed up for the CWI newsletter I encourage you to do so…this is part of my own List Building. See how I did that? I just asked you to sign up, it was as easy as that.

You will need to have a website to make List Building work for you. I talk you through the details on this podcast and why it is important for your creative career.

The reason that I am passionate about it and why I want you to use it as part of your own marketing for your creative career, is that it can help you reach the right clients, audience, or fan base. Now surely that sounds like something worth trying?

Do let me know how you get on and share a link to your own list in the comments below. I love being a cheerleader for you as you build your creative career.

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