How to crowd fund successfully

We would all love to know how to crowd fund successfully. I get asked a lot of questions about how to raise finance for projects or funding. Even the Arts Council and Banks are looking towards crowd funding to get their clients to raise half of the cash.

Si Walker
I always have rosy cheeks!

I love a challenge, so I hunted out the lovely Si Walker from, which is the biggest crowd funding platform in the UK. He generously recorded a podcast with me, teaching you how to crowd fund for success.

Si talks through lots of top tips, and ways that you can drive an audience to your projects and pledges. One of the best pieces of advice was that the audience can become your fans. This also acts as marketing for your business in the future.  Si talks through how that can be done in the podcast.

You can listen to the podcast below.

If you missed the top tips PDF from Crowdfunder that I shared last week, you can access it again here: CROWDFUNDER 

Do let me know what project you would like to crowd fund, or if you have one on the go at the moment. Share links to them in the comments below.

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