Getting your hands on the money

When we are having the fun times we can forget about the finance that we need, to be able to keep our creative careers going. I have heard many creatives tell me that they are no good with figures. What if I was to tell you that there is a way to get a handle on them, a way of getting your hands on the money, and by doing so it will help you to empower yourself and your career?

Scared? Want to run and hide under the sofa? That was my attitude to money in the beginning. With a bit of help and guidance you can get to grips with it so that you too can flourish and grow.

I like to think of money as water flowing in and out of our business, this is how I want you to think about it too.

When we understand the flow of our finances, we can prepare for the times of rain & the times of drought.

To make this work for your own career and get your hands on the money, I explain how in this podcast

I have set you a challenge at the end of the podcast. Tell me in the comments below how you get on. If you have any questions about the challenge, do get in touch. I love to hear from you.

This week we have a big anniversary as Creative Women International turns 2. It has been an amazing journey for me. I have met & connected with the most wonderful women (and some men) who have been generous with their knowledge and willing to share to help those in the CWI community.

There have been days when I have been asked to speak about the CWI on live TV. (You can watch again here: WATCH) and other days when I have been able to help someone out of a difficult situation through Mentoring. I feel very blessed to have experienced all of them.

You can join me on the 19th May for a celebration meet-up by booking a FREE ticket here:  BOOK  It would be great to chat to you about what you would like from the CWI moving forward into the future.

Have fun with your finances. They don’t have to be scary.