The good & evil sides of procrastination

I have spent this last week procrastinating about…well, nearly everything! I’ve been under the weather with a chest cold, so my energy levels are running on empty. The first thing to go when I’m ill is my will power. Piece of chocolate cake? Why thank you. Lay in bed all weekend? Don’t mind if I do.

Now I’m not saying I shouldn’t take a break when I’m ill, otherwise I’ll never get better. But it did give me time to really think about the good and evil sides of procrastination.

Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him.

In this podcast I talk about getting to grips with that slippery fella, procrastination, and how to find out what the root cause is.

I also talk about the good sides of procrastination, as I believe there really is a good time to procrastinate- doesn’t that make you feel better?

If you are giving yourself a hard time about procrastinating over a project or task that you are meant to be getting on with- I want you to be kind to yourself.

Follow the advice in the podcast and see if you can figure out why you are procrastinating, and how you can go about making a plan to tackle it.

I explain more about it in the podcast and have set you a procrastination challenge. You can listen to it below and can take a look at the other podcasts under the resources page: RESOURCES 

Let me know in the comments below what is the one thing that you are procrastination about at the moment. What is it and why do you think you are procrastinating about it?

Have a creative week ahead, and try not to let procrastination get the better of you. Remember to be kind to yourself, as it might be the good side of procrastination trying to give you a creative hand.

2 thoughts on “The good & evil sides of procrastination

  1. Hi everyone,
    well, i can admit now that procrastination is my nick name. Ok, well, i t was, but then i realized it really drains my. energy down and place me in not so good mood.
    If i analyze all the situation and challenges, discussions and events i just left for a while, not so many had an happy end. Because, i did it after all in short, super stressful timing and manner and so, the final recipients, were not so satisfied.
    I bet the energy of Your done but previously procastring story was not a top level.
    And as well, sometimes i just missed some application dates, which i was at the and really oppset about and felt disappointed ( at myself). So, my conclusion is that for me, usually no good sides of procastinating. Though, some excuses might happend in my life, and those were more refferd to choice. Like, if You are not super sure something is for you, then prolonging /postponing that final decision can really. make a sense. Cheers!

    1. Hi Aneta,

      I also used to be terrible at procrastinating until I realised I was only fearful of the success or failure. Once I realised that, and that I would feel worse if I didn’t try something, it made it a lot easier to get on with it. 🙂

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