Knowing your value

Knowing your value.

Knowing your value is one of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself.

One of the things that I constantly see women struggle with is valuing their own worth. They will sacrifice their time and skills to help another, but when it comes to putting themselves forward they make excuses, or else under value what they can bring to the table.

It is only when we value ourselves can we then truly help others.

Knowing your value doesn’t always mean finance either (although it can help you to ask for a raise or higher prices for your work!) It can be as simple as valuing the skills and knowledge that you already have; and what you can do with it.

Now you might be thinking, ‘How can I work out my own value?’

So to give you a hand, I have created a podcast all about this subject. I run through some exercises that you can do on yourself or buddy up to help with your friends.

You can click here to listen to it: CLICK 

Knowing our value doesn’t mean that we will become arrogant or isolate ourselves. It allows us to see what is valuable and unique about ourselves and the journey that we are on.

There is no one else like you. And that is a wonderful thing! You look and experience the world completely differently to anyone else. Even ‘identical’ twins have different personalities. It is this uniqueness which will allow you to be heard in a busy market place when you are heading out there to make your creative career.

I have set you a challenge at the end of the podcast as well. Let me know how you get on with it and I would love to hear what you put on your own “Star Chart’ in the comments below. (You’ll understand what that is by listening to the podcast).

If you want to catch on all of the podcasts you can head over to the resources page here: RESOURCES

I’d love to hear from you and if you have anything that you would like me to cover in a podcast. You can leave me a note in the comments below.

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