Making the best of your time.

Making the best of your time is something that we hear all of, well..the time! We are told that we need to be busy 24/7 to make use of this life. We are told that we have to be working ourselves into the ground to achieve anything. I believe that there is another way.

When we try to work ourselves to exhaustion point, not only does our work suffer but we also stop loving what we are doing, or forget the dream that we were aiming for. We begin to compare ourselves to our competitors or question if we are as busy as our colleagues. There is a real culture of ‘busy’ that is making people ineffective with their time, and taking too long to complete tasks and generally ending up making people feeling awful.

Being forced to take a break when I was ill made me think about time, and how we structure our days. I used to try to cram too much into one day. I had lists as long as my arm, and would feel defeated at the end of the day if I hadn’t ticked everything off.

One cannot manage too many affairs_ like pumpkins in the water, one pops up while you try to hold down the other.Chinese Proverb

As time went on and I became more and more frustrated, I wondered if there was another way of getting things done, so I went off to investigate.

Women are told that we are good at multi tasking. Scientists have now found out that this isn’t the case. In fact multi tasking is a sure fire way of getting nothing done well!

So what on earth are we meant to do instead when we are running our business and are wearing many hats: a manager, marketing department, social media whizz and somewhere in those 24 hours we want to create our work as well?

In this podcast I explain a new way of formatting your working day to get more done. I have tried it for the last 6 months and it really works. Not only do I get more done, I also have more time for lunch breaks and time to come up with new ideas. What’s not too love?

To find out how to do it, you can listen to the podcast below:

Have a great rest of your week and let me know how you get on with the time management tips in the comments below. If you have tips of your own, do share them so we can help each other.