Mastermind your career


When you are starting out and building your career, it is important that you have support from your peers. They are on the same journey as you, and understand the fears, doubts and needs that you have.

We often seek out those who are ahead of us, such as mentors or coaches without seeing the value in those walking next to us on the career path.

I have created a FREE download  explaining how you can find your own accountability partners and  form your own Mastermind groups.

Having someone to support you when you are building something new, or trying to make a break through, can really help you to keep focussed. Sometimes things go wrong, and that is when it is also so beneficial to have a support network.

In our creative careers we will face many rejections and set backs. Making sure that there is a safety net and support, will help you to deal with it, learn from it, and move on.

You can download the help sheet here: CLICK

In the comments below let me know what you would like from an accountability partner or mastermind group. It is something that we are looking at creating in the future, and I would love to hear your thoughts about it.