How to hire freelancers to help your business grow

Freeeup your business, Nathan Hirsch

Learning how to hire freelancers to help your business grow might fill you will terror, or think that it is going to be too expensive for you. I want to show you that it needn’t be a painful process, and in fact it can help you to build you business or career- so that you can get on with the important work of being creative.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Nathan Hirsch for this podcast all about how you can hire freelancers (or become a hireable freelancer yourself). Nathan was a real inspiration. He’s only 28 years old and is already a serial entrepreneur. He started his first eCommerce company while he was at University. Within 5 years he had sold over $25 million worth of products through Amazon with the help of remote freelancers before setting up

If you want to read more about his eCommerce experience  you can get his book on Amazon: Free Up Your Business : 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies 

Nathan was very open during the podcast and shared some insights that you can implement for your own career, even if you have no desire to become a huge business. You can listen to the whole interview in the podcast below.

The main points that I found the most useful and inspiring were around hiring and outsourcing work that wasn’t your main skill set. This is why Nathan set up Freeeup to take the pain out of interviewing & finding freelancers when you need the help immediately.

Before you think that this isn’t for you….

I’d like you to ask yourself these following questions.

  1. What is taking up most of your time at the moment in your business/ career?
  2. Is this ‘thing’ the best use of your skill set or time?
  3. Are there two things that you can identify right now, that you would love someone to help you with? (It could be bookkeeping, data input, blog writing etc.)
  4. If you hired someone to do those two things for you, what would you be able to do with that time instead? (Would you be able to create more work to sell, reduce your stress, work on new projects?)

There will always come a time in our business & career when we need more support and have to delegate some of the tasks that we are trying to complete alone. Nathan encourages you to delegate earlier in your business, so that you can focus on the actual work you want to do and where your skill set lies.

Let me know in the comments below the one thing that you would like to delegate so that you can carry on your creative work. 

If you would like to try hiring a freelancer, I do recommend as the freelancers are vetted, so that you don’t have to spend hours interviewing everyone.

If you would like to learn more you can sign up here: CLICK

Please note, Nathan gifted me an affiliate link, so I would be given a small commission if you sign up. This was an unexpected gift from Nathan, and it wasn’t my reason for having him as a guest. I’m a big fan of Freeeup regardless of the affiliate link.