How to succeed in business

How to succeed in business can often feel like a huge mountain you have no idea how to climb. When you are starting out you have to manage all aspects of it, from the marketing, book keeping and social media updates. It barely gives you time to do the thing that you are passionate about- which is the creating! 

I’m pleased to let you know that there is this fantastic event coming up that you can attend for FREE from the comfort of your own home (or if you’re like me- the local coffee shop!).

What is also great about this conference of over 100 business experts, is that if you can’t make the exact time they are talking live, as long as you have registered, they will send you a recording to listen to later on. A win, win!

I will be speaking all about imposter syndrome and how it can actually have some benefits for your career. To book to hear my talk on the 4th September 2pm UK time 2018, head over to the schedule page on the Uppercase Missinglettr page by clicking here: PHILIY’S TALK

There are so many more great speakers and you can book as many slots as you like. This is the link to the whole schedule where you can choose them all. CLICK TO BOOK

Let me know in the comments below the Imposter Syndrome issues you are having.