How to build a multi passionate career

You might be someone with many strings to their bow, or else you love a range of creative endeavours and don’t know how to choose one. What if there was another way, and like the make-up artist MiMi Johnson you could create a multi passionate career that even works round motherhood? It is possible to build a multi passionate career, and let’s talk about how.

MiMi Johnson multi passionate career

I had the pleasure of chatting about how to create a career that you love with the inspiring MiMi Johnson. She is one of the most inspiring and hardworking mums that I have ever met. You can grab all of her top tips and actionable suggestions in the podcast below.

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How to create your career

One of the most inspiring things that I took away from my chat with MiMi, is that she keeps her eyes open to new opportunities.  So many times we might have a great idea only to talk ourselves out of it, because it seems too intimidating to try. Think about ways that you can bunch your skills together. Like me you might enjoy dancing, silversmithing and media work. But those skills are tricky to bunch together. I kept the dancing and silversmithing as hobbies and bunched the media work together, which I really enjoyed.

MiMI admitted that she was also shy and that networking can often feel intimidating. One of her great tips was to make sure that you connect with one person at a networking event, even if that still feels intimidating. MiMi reminds us that it is all about relationships and sometimes that one connection is all that you need.

How to get started from zero

When you are starting out or pivoting from a completely different career, it is hard to know where to start. MiMi had begun her career out of college in IT! But because it wasn’t feeding her creative soul she wanted to change careers. But as with life, there are responsibilities and commitments that we can’t jump ship from. MiMi started by thinking about what she was good at, and more importantly enjoyed. She choose make-up as her friends all told her how amazing she was at it, and then she worked out how to make a living from it.

Working out how you will make money from what you love is important to do right at the start. Too often passion can take us to a dead end with no income coming in. MiMi was honest about the amount of ‘free’ work (or sweat equity as she calls it) you need to go to raise your profile and shared some great suggestions of what to do in the podcast.

I always say that ‘free’ work isn’t free. You need to think about what you are getting out of it as well. Whether it is contacts, raising your profile or learning new skills, there always needs to be a reward of some kind if money doesn’t exchange hands.

To help you get started there is a free workbook that you can download to accompany the podcast. You can grab it below.

MiMi Johnson multi passionate career

The best thing that you can do is to get started. You don’t have to be perfect, progress is much more important.

You can find out more about MiMi and the work that she does here:

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