How to build an online course

You might not have thought about how to build an online course. But what if I was to tell you that it is a great way to earn a secondary income as a creative?Create an online course

I had the pleasure of interviewing Signature Course Building expert Maya Gaddie, all about how you can create your own online course. She talks about how you need to start with the transformation the person talking your course is going to have. It might be as simple as finding the answer to a problem, building their confidence, or learning a new skill.

You can listen to the podcast to hear the way that Maya recommends you start and shares three top tips to get your own signature course created.

What to think about when starting your signature course

You might be wondering where to start. Or else it seems too complicated. The key is to keep it simple. People take courses because they want answers. What they don’t want, is to feel overwhelmed. This means that creating streamlined content is actually much better than trying to be everything to everyone.

  1. Define the problem- ask your audience what they are struggling with, or else think about the types of questions that you get asked all the time.
  2. Start selling before you’ve finished. Yes you heard me right! Create a landing page (Mailchimp allows you to do this for free) and start pre-selling. This way you know if there is a need for what you are offering.
  3. Ask your audience to test it. Give them a discount in exchange for testimonials.
  4. Put it out rather than perfect it. There is no such thing as perfection, and it can stop you from creating if you keep adjusting it. The best way to improve it is to get feedback from those that use it. You might not be the ideal customer, so ask those that are!

Maya helps you to create your course in live time. So if you are someone who struggles to come up with content, she can help you.

I’ve created a worksheet to get you going, and you can book Maya to help you with the next stage her: MAYA

Online course workbook

You can download the free workbook to help you create your own online course here.

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