How to make products with purpose

Knowing how to make products with purpose might be something that you have been thinking about. It can help you to change the world, share your eco values, build raving fans and define your branding. I had the pleasure of chatting about how Lyndsay Lucero, founder of Baxley Goods started her own company with purpose.

making products wth purpose

What is so inspiring about Lyndsay’s story is that she had no idea about manufacturing, designing bags or textiles when she started! Sometimes the biggest obstacle in our way, isn’t our lack of knowledge, it is our belief in ourselves. The biggest take away from this, was that if you really want to do something, (and you care passionately about it), you will find a way to make it happen!

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What is a brand with purpose?

Think about the things that you are passionate about in your day to day life. You might be a vegetarian, care about using non chemical products, or donate to charity. All of these are a great place to start if you are thinking of building your own purpose driven brand. It needs to be something that you are passionate about and want to share with the world. For example, Lyndsay started Baxley Goods because she couldn’t find a backpack that suited her needs. That was the initial problem, but the purpose can from her shock at hearing how often a product crosses the oceans before a customer in the UK, American or Australia buys it.

The most shocking statistic that Lyndsay shared with me was that:-

One Shipping container ship emits as much carbon as 50 million cars.

Shocked? I certainly was. This is what drives Baxley Goods to create products with a small footprint, that are made and manufactured in the UK, and which give the workers a living wage. Think about the values that you would love to see in your own products or business. Small changes can  make a real difference.

How you can turn an idea into a company

Start with where you are right now. We can think that we need to spend years researching, or that we need all the fancy tools before we start. This can often be linked to a lack of confidence or procrastination rather than a lack of ambition and ideas. Lyndsay was honest about her lack of knowledge around manufacturing and designing. So she did the simplest thing…she asked for help. Making yourself vulnerable and reaching out to others with knowledge that they are willing to share, can really help. It not only gives you new skills, it can also open your networks and give you much needed support when you are starting out.

No one is born knowing everything. Yes, people can have a natural ability in one area, but there can be a million reasons why. Maybe they were encouraged more when they showed progress as a child, or else they had a family friend who showed them the typed of work they did. We can create things from a place of passion and figure the rest out as we go.

Having a community around you that turn into fans is one of the best ways to get support. Lyndsay started her mailing list before she even had a product to sell! Her mailing list is a great example of how to share your start up story and get people along for the ride. You can read and sign up for it here: Baxley Goods Newsletter 

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How to make your products special

Lyndsay worked within the parameters that the manufacturing process gave her. Or as she put it, “make lemonade from lemons”. Some times the constraints that are placed on us, can actually be a creative advantage. You have to work around the problem and it can turn into something special. For Baxley Goods it meant that only small batches could be ordered at a time. The plus side of this was that she was able to visit the factory close to her homeland she could hand number the products to make them extra special and pre-sell the items before they went off to be manufactured. Not only does this reduce some of the risk, it also creates a unique and special product.

Think about ways that you can make your customer feel special. Is it something like numbering each product, or adding small surprises into each order? We have all been customers before, so think back to the times that you were made to feel special. What did that brand do for you? Could you do something similar yourself?

Knowing how to price your products

Figuring out your purpose and how you would like to share it with the world can really be the driving force behind your brand. It can help you to jump out of bed on the tough days, find your true fans who think the same way as you or else offer to help you with knowledge and skills they are willing to share. This was the case for Lyndsay when she was trying to price her product. I’ve seen it happen so many times with creatives, they make the product, love it and then under charge for it. They forget about wholesale pricing or making sure that they have profit to drive new ideas for the business.

As much as you can love the products you make, they also need to make profit. Lyndsay was honest about her pricing and self funded business. She talked about the help she received from someone on her mailing list to come up with a price that allowed her to pay the manufacturers well and create profit to future proof her company. Download the podcast for all of the information.

And if you would love to start your own business with purpose but have no idea how to start, I have two things for you! The first is a workbook that you can use alongside the podcast, and the other is a chance to Crowdfund and get match funding (up to a certain amount) to get your idea off the ground. You can find all the links below.

How to make a business with purpose

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