How to make sales of your work

How to make more sales

How to make sales of your work can feel like an impossible task when you are starting out. You might have been making a few sales but now want to push to take your career to the next level. Shawna Beckmann of She Speaks Sales has created an amazing way of making sales without feeling sleazy called her A.S.S Framework!

We have all been subject to those sleazy sale techniques that are popular with car sales people. Sales don’t have to be that way. Shawna shows that you can fun with it, and more importantly, show up for the people who need what you are offering.

Once we start to think about the need that the other person has, and how we can help them, sales no longer feel, well– like sales!

You can listen to the podcast below to hear how it’s done:

What I love about Shawna and her advice, is that she keeps it real. Shawna is a mum to 5 children and has helped creatives close 20K deals in 3 weeks, 48K in 3 months. Impressive! She shows that you can do it too.

Here are some of the areas to think about when you are trying to close a deal:

  1. Think about the other person not only yourself.
  2. What is the problem of pain that the other person has?
  3. How can you help them fix it?
  4. What will their life look like after they have used your product or service?
  5. What transformation will they have?

By starting with what the other person needs you can create a mutual beneficial way of making a sale.

And if this all feels too difficult, scary for you, Shawna can help you out!

You can find out how on her website: She Speaks Sales