How to up sell to create more income

How to up sell might be something that you associate with a restaurant (do you want fries with that?) But up and cross selling can really help you to make more sales from your existing client base. I had the pleasure of chatting to Kennedy and Rob from Response Suite who are experts at this. What makes them unique is that by day (or night) they are creatives working as magicians and a mind reader (yes really!) and their side job is running a software company to help you up sell as creatives.

How to up sell

Apart from bringing infectious energy to the podcast interview, they truly understood what it is like to be a creative with little time to sell work. They started with a real problem that they themselves had, and then built a company to fix that problem- Inspiring!

Up selling in easy steps

Rob and Kennedy found a way to help you bring your creative projects to the right people, which in turn helps you to make sales easily. By using surveys they were able to funnel people into the right buckets, to be able to then offer them what they were looking for, rather than having to sell to the whole room. Genius!

You can hear them explain how it works here:

They have also got a fantastic package for Creative Women International’s community. You can try out their software for a couple of weeks and it comes with a training programme to help you get stated which normally retails at $497. If you decide to not take the software in the end, you still get to keep the training programme. Which is a win win in my book.

This is an affiliate link, and I will earn a commission if you use it. It won’t change the price of the software for you if you go ahead.

There is also a free worksheet to help you figure out what extra things you can sell to your clients and customers. 

How to up sell

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