Multi Tasking Myths

Multi tasking myths are something that I want us to be open about. As women we are told that we should wear the multi tasking badge of honour with pride. But what if all it is doing is making us exhausted! There is another way, and it can actually save you time. Multi tasking myths

When we multi task we are butterflying between tasks. We might have several to-do-lists in our head, or else we are trying to complete several projects at the same time. This can feel overwhelming and confusing.  There is a much better way to deal with multi tasking, and that is to focus on one thing at a time. Yes, I really did say that!

In this podcast I explain why it is so important not to flit from one task to another. I also share super simple ways that you can make not multi tasking work for you, while still finishing several projects at the same time. If that sounds like an oxymoron, listen up. I can save you time by not multi tasking, and still get different things finished on time!

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Focus on what is important

It sounds obvious, but you need to focus on what is important first. Look at your to-do-list and find out what is either urgent, (as it has a deadline attached), going to earn you money, or will take you a step closer to your goals.

The next part involves you being super focussed. If like me you have what I call a butterfly mind, and you find yourself jumping from topic to topic, it is vital that you learn how to control it. As with most habits you need several days to change them. Small steps can make a huge difference.

Batch process to success

Learning how to break your tasks down into topics like, admin, making, clients etc. can save you time. The you sit down to only write emails, you can whizz through them in record time. If you try to write an email, make phone calls, load the washing machine, do a bit of design work and come back to the emails, not only are you exhausted, but you have wasted lots of time.

Time is one thing that we can’t get back again. Treat it as a precious commodity and learn how to make the most of it. If like me you are a working mum with a toddler in tow, you know how limited time can be. Batch those tasks so that you can streamline your jobs and focusing on one thing at a time actually saves you time.

When we flit from one task to another (multi tasking) we are lead to believe that it will make us more productive and get more done. In reality we end up exhausted, or running several to-do-lists through our heads that have no relation to each other. Batch those tasks into topics. Focus on the most urgent, the one that brings in money, or the one that helps you reach your goals. Then make sure you build in small victory time.

Creative entrepreneur

Small victories are a time for you to celebrate. If we don’t add celebration time in, the goal that we are trying to each can feel like a huge elephant. Build in those moments of celebration to give yourself the energy to keep going.

Being a creative entrepreneur can at times be isolating, exhausting or lonely. You need to make sure that you reach out to others that are building their businesses and goal setting at a level you want to be at. Sometimes you might not be able to see a way through a problem and that is when finding a mentor can really help.

I have a few slots left for the end of the year. If it is something that you are interested in, you can find out more about it here: TELL ME MORE ABOUT MENTORING 

To help you figure out how to not multi task your way to success, I have created a free workbook for you. You can download it below.

How to multi task


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