How to build a business with 20 minutes a day

If like me you are juggling motherhood while working, or have a side hustle that you are trying to get off the ground, burnout might be round the corner. What if there was another way? What if you could build a business with only 20 minutes a day? Sounds amazing doesn’t it? I had the pleasure of chatting with business coach Janet Kafadar all about how you really can build your business with only 20 minutes a day.

Janet Kafadar

You can listen to all the great tips from Janet in the podcast below:

How to build your business

When you have to do everything yourself, it is very easy to lose time. You end up spending time working on things that aren’t actually going to make you money. Hands up who else has got lost down an internet rabbit hole? By bunching tasks into short 20 minute slots you actually get more done. What I loved about the tips that Janet shared is that she focusses on what you can do right now to bring in income and push your business forwards.

Doing everything yourself at the start is hard, but it doesn’t need to make your dreams impossible. Focus on what you have available to you right now. Don’t go chasing the shiny new website or waiting until the business cards are printed. If someone really wants what you have to offer, they aren’t going to care if your website is up or not, or if your business cards are the right shade of blue!

Why you need to focus on the money

As creatives it can be easy to focus on the creation rather than on the money. But at the start it is vital to know if you have enough income to float you while you build your business. Starting by charging the  right rates for your services, rather than discounting everything will help you to be realistic about what you can achieve in the time that you have. It also helps you to set boundaries and focus on the bigger goals that you are aiming for.

Janet suggests bunching your services into one or three month plans. Rather than someone buying one session or workshop with you, you can offer two sessions or more at a time. You get paid in advance, and then you can then plan the whole two sessions. This allows you research and development time (RAD) and it allows you to help your customer gain bigger transformations as they work with you for a longer period of time.

I have used this exact model in my own business. I used to offer single mentoring sessions but I knew that wasn’t the best thing for my clients. They needed help to reach bigger transformation and goals and a minimum of two sessions was going to help them achieve that.

Start where you are

Think about where in your business you could offer coaching, workshops or consulting while you build the rest of your business. Having regular income can take some of the pressure off and helps you to get your side hustle off the ground quickly.

Janet has created a special offer for Creative Women International podcast listeners. You can find out about what is on offer at the end of the podcast and access it here: Goodies! 

As Janet is from Australia and I have a friend who is a volunteer fire fighter out there, I wanted to use this platform to help those affected by the fires.

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