How to make good choices

Thinking about how to make good decisions or choices might not be something you have, well, thought about before! We often react to situations and opportunities without thinking if they will be good for our career, side hustle, or help us leave our 9-5. Understanding how to make better and good choices can help you short cut to the dreams you want. 

How to make good choices


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How to make good decisions and choices

There isn’t anything super complicated about making choices or decisions. The key is to not react immediately and say yes to everything. If this is something that you struggle with do go and check out episode  114 about the life changing word no. 

When we say yes (or no) to opportunities and choices, we need to be clear with ourselves whether it was the right thing to do. Even opportunities that excite you still might not be the right thing for future you. So what do I mean by that? In order for us to make good choices we need to remember what we are aiming for. Whether that is to leave a 9-5 or make a side hustle the main event, you need to make sure that all of your decisions and choices align with that goal. 

When to start saying yes

Now this isn’t about saying no to everything, or grabbing every opportunity that comes your way. Even if you do think that it aligns with your goals and dreams. We only have a certain number of hours in a day, weeks in a year, and energy to give away. Time is something that you can never get back again, so you need to make sure that you are spending it wisely. 

You want to be excited and you want to do things that make you happy. And yes that means that some of the things that make you excited, but don’t match your long term goals might have to go, but it doesn’t mean that life becomes one long bad party. 

Choices are just that, choices. You can say yes or no, but understanding what that means for the future is the key. 

How to make it work for you

The best way to do this is to answer these set of questions every time an opportunity, decision or choice comes your way. 

  1. Why do you want it? Be honest here. Is it for your ego, to look popular or for boasting points. It doesn’t matter if that is the case, but be honest about it. It could be simply that you want to work with that client or give something back. Understanding your why is going to help you to make the right choice. 
  2. What would be the predicted outcome if it went well? I say predicted, as we can never know for sure. Understanding what you think you can get out of the choice you make is another piece of the puzzle. 
  3. What would be the predicted outcome if it failed? You might think that this is an odd way to think about opportunities, but it is actually a way that I swear by. I even recorded another episode about how thinking this way can help you achieve your goals. You can grab it here: Take me there!
  4. Is this serving your career path or business goals? You can even ask if it is serving your life goals. You might want to have more free time or take longer vacations, ask yourself if this choice would allow you to do that. If you are looking to make money from your side hustle you can find out more here: Yes please!
  5. Finally ask yourself how you would feel, and what would happen if you said no. This is a bigger question than it seems. This is the one that I would always spend more time on, as you want to dig deep. Not doing something can have longer term repercussions than doing it. By that I mean regrets, career path twists or relationship issues. It can also have positive effects like travel, time with your loved ones or life long memories. The important thing is to weigh up whether not doing it will have more cons than doing it. Think big!

Making it a habit

The best way to always make good choices is to constantly look at what you life and career goals are. Dream big, ask questions, search for opportunities that take you closer to your dreams. Whether that is opening your own store, taking more time to travel, making lifelong friends or leaving your 9-5. 

You have the power to make choices that are right for you, it only takes practice to get them right. To get all of the tips subscribe to the podcast below. 


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