Mentoring Package 2

What is in mentoring package 2?

I’m excited that you want to take package 2. Mentoring can be invaluable in terms of helping you to feel more confident about the work that you do, and help you get clear on what you actually want to achieve.

So what’s in the package? Package 2 is great for when you to take a deeper dive into something that you are struggling with or aiming for.

Package 2 can help you to find clarity and set specific, actionable goals to get you towards your dream. It has helped some plan how to launch their business, work out how to make their side hustle their 9-5, it has helped photographers prepare for awards, rebuild a brand, get a wedding photographer to the top of Google in their field, create a digital marketing strategy for a touring company and help others to build their confidence so that they can strive towards their dreams.

Package 2 also comes with email support between sessions. It is great to know that you can reach out when you’re feeling unconfident or overwhelmed.

Being lucky enough to have experienced a few different mentors lately I was in a position where I was wondering what more advice I could possibly get and how would it benefit me. Having a one hour session with Philiy blew any preconceptions out of the water, as she methodically took each question I had and demystified a whole array of subjects! Looking back on the session and my 6 double-sided pages of scribbled notes I’m not sure how she managed to fit all the information into one session! However, she did, it was incredibly helpful and she’s bloody lovely too! In terms of investing time into your business, time with Philiy is time very well spent.

Rachel Bunce Coventry, UK

How does the session work?

Once you have answered this questionnaire CLICK TO FILL IT IN I will be in touch via email to lay out how our sessions will work. There will be a link to a booking calendar in this email. This means that you have the freedom to choose when you would like the first session to start.

During the first session we fill focus on three questions or topics that you have. After mentoring creatives for over a decade, I have learnt that this is the best way to get the most out of a session. This will help you to find clarity about where you want to go.

Of course at the end of the session you want to take action on what you have learnt. To help you along, I set homework. It isn’t something horrible (no nightmares about your school days!) and it will help you to gain traction towards your goals.

Session 2 will focus on strategy. We start laying out the actionable tasks that you need to take to get towards your goal.

The final session is all about action. We look at what you have achieved since the first session. Then we come up with steps that you can take, resources you might need, contacts you can make, and a plan to push towards your goal.

Let’s do this! 

Package 2 only costs £170 per session- a total of £510

What do I do now?

To take the next step, click here to fill in the questionnaire and then we can start helping you towards the life and career you have always wanted. Once I have your answers, I will respond within 48 hours with details of how you make the payment and how the sessions work. I can’t wait to start working with you.

The Business Of Creativity

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