It’s great that you are interested in mentoring. Mentoring can help you to get your creative business/career back on track, or help you with a single issue that you are dealing with.

Often it takes more than one session for us to work through your problem. Mentoring isn’t right for everyone, and there might be a better way that I can help you find the answer to your needs. I never encourage someone to take mentoring if I don’t believe it is the right process for them.

I remotely mentor via Skype anywhere in the world. I’ve mentored Creative Start-ups, MA & BA graduates, and creative freelancers who are stuck trying to grow their career to the next level from countries such as Brazil, Russia, USA, Turkey, New Zealand and the UK to name a few. And yes, I mentor men as well!

Don’t take my word for it though, here are some comments from happy mentees….

Being lucky enough to have experienced a few different mentors lately I was in a position where I was wondering what more advice I could possibly get and how would it benefit me. Having a one hour session with Philiy blew any preconceptions out of the water, as she methodically took each question I had and demystified a whole array of subjects!

Looking back on the session and my 6 double-sided pages of scribbled notes I’m not sure how she managed to fit all the information into one session! However, she did, it was incredibly helpful and she’s bloody lovely too! In terms of investing time into your business, time with Philiy is time very well spent.

Rachel Bunce Coventry, UK 26th November 2015

Thomas Ray, Gun Press

Philiy has been a great help to me in regards to starting my own creative business. She has aided me in developing new ideas and strategies to help take my business forward and has a wealth of knowledge relating to the creative industry. It is always a pleasure to discuss new possibilities and avenues with which to take my business as Philiy has a friendly and positive approach but is always realistic about your businesses potential too. If you’re looking for advice and guidance in helping build your creative business I would definitely recommend Philiy.

Thomas Ray Gun Press, UK 8th August 2018

Lisa Loader

Philiy provided me with just the right support and insight I needed to move forward with my business. I was hoping for advise on promotions and expansion but what I received was that and much more. She had thought about my business inside and out from a clear perspective, and she demonstrated how I could take steps in every area from customer communication to social media strength to promotional timings to making my bigger long term visions come true.

Lisa Juice bar and café owner. UK 7th September 2015

Jane Fox

I met with Philiy having just set up a new small business a couple of months earlier and was finding the learning curves overwhelming and confusing. Through her clarity and objective creative stance, she allowed me to focus on my original vision for the business, bringing new ideas and perspectives as well as helping me tease out the important aspects that needed attention. This lessened the overwhelming feelings which was a real help at a difficult time.

Janey Yoga Space. UK 7th September 2015

If you are interested I would love to see if I am the right fit for your needs. Please send me an email to allow 48 hours for me to get back to you.

Please note that all mentoring sessions take place over Skype.

I look forward to helping you on your creative journey!