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With over 24 years of working across the creative industries internationally, my portfolio career has allowed me to pour all of this knowledge and experience into the CWI. I’m here to help you create the life and career that you wish for. You can read more about my own journey on the about page.
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How to successfully pivot your idea

How to pivot your business idea

How to successfully pivot your business idea, might just save you! You’ve spent weeks or months working on a project and haven’t come up for air. You start to feel like it isn’t working but the thought of ditching it all and starting again brings you out in a cold sweat. This is where pivoting comes in.

How to make sales of your work

How to make more sales

How to make sales of your work can feel like an impossible task when you are starting out. You might have been making a few sales but now want to push to take your career to the next level. Shawna Beckmann of She Speaks Sales has created an amazing way of making sales without feeling Read the full article…

How to discover what creative career you want

Imogen Apparel, Creative Women International podcast

Finding your career path can be hard. You might have many interests and don’t know which one to choose. You aren’t alone in feeling this way. This article & podcast can help you to discover what creative career you actually want.

How to have a happy year

New Year Goals, Happiness Moments, Best Year Ever

Goal setting for the happiest year can help you stop overwhelm from broken New Year’s Resolutions. January is often the time when we fail our goals, I explain how you can change that so you can achieve success.

Creating a community to help your career

Creating a community

If you are building your career or business you will need to find support to make it a success. This article & podcast with guest Vicky Shilling from The Reset offers top tips & ways that goal setting can help you to succeed.

How to succeed in business

How to succeed in business can often feel like a huge mountain you have no idea how to climb. When you are starting out you have to manage all aspects of it, from the marketing, book keeping and social media updates. It barely gives you time to do the thing that you are passionate about- Read the full article…

Winning on Instagram

Winning on Instagram might feel like something you have to hire an entire PR team to achieve. There are loads of great tools and simple wins that you can start right away to win engagement on Instagram. Now you might be thinking that as a creative you don’t have a need to use Instagram for Read the full article…