Philiy Page

The story of Creative Women International

Creative Women International was founded by UK based Philiy Page. Philiy is a working creative professional herself. She found that she was feeling isolated  working from home and coffee shops. She believed that there must be others feeling the same way. Having delivered creative business start up training around the world she wanted to create a support group for those participants, but also felt that women in the UK would benefit from it as well. Philiy formed Creative Women International to create a global, supportive network, for other creative professionals and has had so much pleasure and inspiration from it ever since.

A bit about Philiy

Philiy PagePhiliy has been a freelancer for over 21 years, with her first professional photograph published in the press when she was only 19. She has a career that is now politely described as a portfolio career.

She has worked as an award winning photojournalist for The Guardian and Marie Claire (to name a few), a writer and publishing assistant, a documentary assistant producer for the BBC, a camera woman, a teacher of design and technology for 11 to 19 year olds, (that’s wood work, plastic and textiles with a bit of electronics on the side!), a University lecturer in social media marketing and entrepreneurial skills for BA and MA students, a trainer for the British Council delivering creative business start up courses around the world, and a feature film production manager.

All of this experience and enthusiasm Philiy pours into the Creative Women International. Philiy continues her work with the British Council and as a film production manager; these skills inspire her to continually develop Creative Women International.

Philiy also mentors creatives from all over the world via Skype. If you would like to book a session please go to the contact page here.

You can see Philiy training creative entrepreneurs in this video from the British Council.

Here is what some of our members say about us

Sentenay Gurcesme

It was a great chance to be part of an entrepreneur group at Creative Enterprise Training. It was an even greater chance to have Philiy Page as an instructor through all the workshops there. Philiy is such an amazing individual that makes you feel full of energy in every minute of that intense training. With her smiling face she gives you extra hope but at the same time she pushes every trainee to understand their own capability. By her help you become able to understand better your weak and strong sides, your positive and negative characteristics, your ups and downs, most of all your resistance to survive as an entrepreneur. Philiy is a very hardworking woman entrepreneur who inspired us all. She doesn’t waste even a second during the workshops. She gives the same level of attention and support to every trainee. Not only because of her background but also because of her spirit she is able and capable of developing strong empathy towards you. By this way she establishes a mutual relation between you and herself, which makes every entrepreneur feel incredibly comfortable with themselves and their work.

Setenay Jewellery designer. Istanbul, Turkey 8th September 2015