I wanted to share the CWI podcasts with you. These offer weekly tips on ways that you can improve your creative business and teaches you how to use some business tools.

Here are some of the reviews from iTunes about the podcasts:

Thank you Philiy
by Frankie J Finn
I’ve found so much inspiration from this Podcast. Philiy breaks down problems that can seem insurmountable into digestible pieces so you can see through to the other side. I particularly recommend this to anyone who’s biggest obstacle is overcoming their doubts about what they do. It’s great at putting fears and concerns into context and suggesting practical solutions. 

Why we need to Stop Stop Working for free 
by rosie150-3
As a female freelance (writer and musician) I found these short, informal podcasts really practical and informative-as a way of reminding myself on a weekly basis about confidence building and negotiation tricks. The one about how to use silence when negotiating is brilliant! (no2-how to stop working for free.) Page is also really personable-and seems to have some kind of background-both as an artist and a business coach for the British Council-so I feel like I’m getting free advice from someone working at international level-who understands how to deal with setbacks and turn things around. Women have developed a lot of bad habits around business because of our cultural conditioning and these podcasts have some neat little tricks for circumventing these so that we don’t undermine ourselves. Recommended. 

Great stuff
by Vicki-in-Brighton
Thanks to Philiy for launching this brilliantly useful new podcast-packed with helpful tips, lovely warm and friendly tone, and not too long-perfect!

Spot on supportive advice and expertise
by 84djones
These podcasts are little gems of brilliant support and advice for creative women at various stages of their careers. They feel like an encouraging push to keep on going, especially for people working by themselves. Thank you and well done! Looking forward to the next 🙂

Really useful for men too
by MJLKemp
I’ve been listening to these podcasts and learning some gems of information to use in business and in life in general. It’s mainly directed towards women obviously, but it’s definitely useful for men too. Philiy Page has a great manner, clearly from experience, and speaks in a way that’s informative, uplifting and you certainly don’t feel you are being preached to. Actually you want to listen to more. 

Not just a pretty voice
by Gina Steliana
Loved this podcast, very helpful with excellent pointers. Please make more 🙂 Thank you!

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Let me know how you get on. I love to hear from you.

The Freelance Life & how to create three income streams. 


Why we need to stop working for free & how to negotiate.


How to become confident & help your public speaking. 


How to list build for your creative career. 


How to use story telling to connect with your clients & audience. 


How to have creative ideas. 


Branding your creative career. 


How to network successfully. 


Customer profiling & how it can save you money. 


Why we should all make mistakes. 


How to surround yourself with winners. 


How to find your USP. 


How to make friends with fear. 


Knowing your value. 


Finding your true purpose.


Why you need a creative break.


The good & evil sides of procrastination.


Making the most of your time. 


Guerilla Marketing For Your Career.


Testimonials – What To Do With Them And How To Get Them.


Doing it all alone.


Getting your hands on the money.


Alternative Finance for your creative projects with Tenner Films.


How to Crowd Fund successfully- With


Why you need to become a cheerleader.


How to tame the social media beast.


How do you know if you’re ready?


Making a success of failure. 


Why you need to build a community of clients. 


The comparison killer


Dealing with difficult clients 


Retreat your creativity


How to get paid on time


Communication is key


The emotion of business 


How to self publish 


Get a grip on copyright