How to start an Ecommerce business

Lee Foster-Wilson

As a creative you might be wondering how to make sales of your work. Setting up an ecommerce business can really help. There are ways to do it without costing much at all. And if you need to raise funds to get started I share links to where you can grab funding to get your idea off the ground. Finding press and customers is something to think about as well, and my guest Lee Foster-Wilson from Bonbi Forest shares some great ways to make it work for you.

How to build a value based business

Girls Who Grind Coffee

Building a business around your values can really help you to connect with your audience. It also acts as a shorthand for people to immediately understand your reasons for starting your business. Values can help you drive on passion which in turn helps you through the tough days. I had an inspirational chat with Fi and Casey who created Girls Who Grind Coffee, all about how their values are in every part of their business.

How to start a kitchen table business

Chloe Haywood London

Starting a kitchen table business doesn’t need to be complicated. It is often the best way to get your side hustle off the ground. When you are busy with to do lists and childcare you can build your dreams from the kitchen table and allow it to grow organically. I share tips from Chloe Haywood about how you can do this yourself.