Training creative entrepreneurs

Training creative entrepreneurs is the highlight of my working career. I love to see the progress that they can make in only a week, and the relationships and networks that they build amongst the other participants during this business training course.

I have been lucky enough to deliver courses in Russia, Turkey, Brazil and Macedonia and have plans to deliver an online course very soon- so watch this space.

I wanted to share a video with you of my time training creatives in Macedonia. They had come from 5 Balkan countries- Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro. It was heartening to see relationships formed across all boarders. We laughed a lot and managed to work hard at the same time! You can see what the course involves in the video below.

The online course will be taking sign ups shortly. I have decided to include an online course so that it is easier for international creatives to be able to access the information that they need. My passion is to create international networks and this feels like the perfect way to achieve that.

If you are interested in finding out more about the future online course, please email me via with ONLINE COURSE as the subject line.

I hope you can become part of this vibrant community.

How to use story telling to connect with your customers

I wanted to share my story with you as I’m now back in the UK after my Creative Women International adventures in Macedonia. I was away teaching people from 5 Balkan countries for the British Council. I have never laughed so much at work. Seriously, I had tears pouring down my face most classes. It made me realise how laughter and personal stories bond us together and helps us cross boarders and politics.

With that in mind I wanted to create a podcast about storytelling and why it can help your clients, audience or customers connect to your work. You might not think you are a story teller, but I explain in this podcast how you can become one, and how it will help your work.

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Confidence is the most important thing

Confidence is the most important thing

Confidence is the most important thing when we are trying to build our creative career. It allows us to pitch our business, describe our art work, and even ask for bank loans. Without it we all struggle. You might be surprised to learn that I used to be incredibly shy. This week’s podcast which will be posted her shortly describes my journey and tricks that I share to help you become more confident. In the mean time I wanted to share this blog with you that I wrote for the British Council about why confidence is so important for female entrepreneurs. You can click here to see it on the British Council site, and I have pasted it below for you to read.

I grew up in an all-male household (four brothers and one father) and I was constantly surrounded by masculine energy. My father was a self-made entrepreneur; my oldest brother ran his own business and my younger brothers were always thinking of creative ways to increase their pocket money. What I found fascinating about all of this was that they never seemed to doubt their ability to succeed. If they failed, they approached the problem from a different angle or ditched the idea completely and tried another one. It was exhausting!

My mother and grandmother had also been self-made entrepreneurs, running their businesses from the kitchen or by the living room fire. They did it quietly; head down, steadily making progress until they achieved their goal. A very different experience to watching my brothers and father set on their own projects. Years later, after leaving school and university, I set up on my own as a freelance photographer.  What they hadn’t told me was how scared I would feel putting myself out there constantly, whilst facing rejections weekly.

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