How to make products with purpose

making products wth purpose

Making a business with purpose can help you to create true fans as customers. It has been shown that brands with purpose do better, plus the person running the company drives it forwards with their passion. Lyndsay founder of Baxley Goods talks honestly about the journey that she has been on to set up a bag company when she knew nothing about textiles or manufacturing. She couldn’t find a bag that she loved herself and was horrified at the environmental impact textiles were having on the world. She shares ways that you can start your own business when you might not have all of the answers right now.

How to make use of your intellectual property

Inky wonderlands

You might be wondering what rights you have to your intellectual property and how you can make use of it. Things like licensing your work can really help you reach a second income. It is also a great way to share your work with people who can’t always afford the original. This podcast talks about how to do it.

Raising your profile

Raising your profile

Raising your profile doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t need your own PR team. There are ways that you can do it on social media to help you gain press and find new customers. Flora Jamieson shares how she made it work for her and how you can make it work for you.

How to find the right mentor and coach

How to find the right mentor and coach

How to find the right mentor and coach might be something that you are struggling with. Maybe you have big dreams but you need a bit of help turning them into reality. Or else you have a public speaking event and are terrified to stand up on stage. I’ve been there and know that it Read the full article…

Creating a community to help your career

Creating a community

If you are building your career or business you will need to find support to make it a success. This article & podcast with guest Vicky Shilling from The Reset offers top tips & ways that goal setting can help you to succeed.

How to build an audience

How to build an audience- might be something that you have been thinking about yourself. I’m not talking about an audience in a theatre (although if that is your creative career, these tips can work for that as well), I’m talking about an audience of new customers and clients. You might have a small audience Read the full article…

Dealing with imposter syndrome

At some point in our careers imposter syndrome will strike. I have suffered with it many times, and it always feels like the little monster on your shoulder telling you that you shouldn’t be there. Imposter syndrome was first coined in the 1970’s when a study in America at Georgia State University noticed that successful Read the full article…

Giving thanks

This week I want to talk about giving thanks. It isn’t thanksgiving, or a special reason to do this -although the holiday season is a great time to send a card. Taking the time at the end of the year to think about all of the people who have helped you, is a great way Read the full article…

Why you need to build a community of clients.

They are so many benefits to building a community of your clients and customers. When I set up the CWI I wanted to create a place for women to come together, share ideas, help and inspire each other. We have members from over 27 countries that are generous with their advice and support. It is Read the full article…