How to become a freelance journalist

Ally Mooro

You might wonder how you can become a freelance journalist. Or else you would love to know what magazines are looking for so that you can get more press for your work. I chatted to freelance journalist and author Alya Mooro about how she made it work for her. I also share my own photojournalism story and how I got work with top magazines like The Sunday Times. It doesn’t have to be hard, and these tips we share you can action straight away without spending any money.

How to build a multi passionate career

MiMi Johnson multi passionate career

If you are someone who is struggling to choose one career path to follow, this article and podcast helps you see another way. As a multi passionate entrepreneur myself, I know how hard it can be to create a career that you love. I had the pleasure of chatting to make up artist and serial entrepreneur MiMi Johnson about how she made an amazing career change and built up 3 career paths around motherhood.

How to start a kitchen table business

Chloe Haywood London

Starting a kitchen table business doesn’t need to be complicated. It is often the best way to get your side hustle off the ground. When you are busy with to do lists and childcare you can build your dreams from the kitchen table and allow it to grow organically. I share tips from Chloe Haywood about how you can do this yourself.

How to take a sabbatical from work with Jemma Neville

How to take a sabbatical from work

How do you take a sabbatical from work, might be something that you have been thinking about. Your side hustle might be taking up all your free time and you want to see if you can complete a project. Pitching in the right way can help you win that time.

Building a career as an illustrator with Johanna Basford

Johanna Basford

Johanna Basford shares her story about how she made it as a successful illustrator. Starting with The Secret Garden colouring books that made her a success with over 21 million copies sold. She shares tips on how you can build your own career even if it isn’t as an illustrator.

How to write a mission statement

How to write a mission statement

How to write a mission statement might be something that you have been thinking about, but don’t know where to start. Or else you might be wondering what on earth a mission statement is. I had the pleasure of talking about mission statements with the multi-passionate creative, Kelly DiNardo. Kelly works as a freelancer journalist Read the full article…

How to discover what creative career you want

Imogen Apparel, Creative Women International podcast

Finding your career path can be hard. You might have many interests and don’t know which one to choose. You aren’t alone in feeling this way. This article & podcast can help you to discover what creative career you actually want.

Creating a community to help your career

Creating a community

If you are building your career or business you will need to find support to make it a success. This article & podcast with guest Vicky Shilling from The Reset offers top tips & ways that goal setting can help you to succeed.

Starting a creative business at any age

Tricia Cusden proves that you can start a creative business at any age. I was so impressed with Tricia’s outlook on life and it was a real pleasure to be able to interview her for this podcast. Tricia founded the pro-age beauty brand Look Fabulous Forever  when she was 65 years old and already retired. Tricia Read the full article…