The good & evil sides of procrastination

I have spent this last week procrastinating about…well, nearly everything! I’ve been under the weather with a chest cold, so my energy levels are running on empty. The first thing to go when I’m ill is my will power. Piece of chocolate cake? Why thank you. Lay in bed all weekend? Don’t mind if I do.

Now I’m not saying I shouldn’t take a break when I’m ill, otherwise I’ll never get better. But it did give me time to really think about the good and evil sides of procrastination.

Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him.
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Why you need a creative break

I want to talk to you about why you need a creative break. On the 21st of March it was the first day of Spring in the UK, and also my birthday. I used to have terrible birthdays in the past. I decided to give myself my birth day off when ever that was possible.

Having 24 hours that were blissfully all mine to do what ever I wanted with changed everything.

Birthday girl
Yes this really is me!

I want to give you a gift from me, to take a creative break. This isn’t as dramatic as it sounds. (I certainly don’t want you to stop creating your wonderful work!) I want you to take 24 hours sometime this week to give yourself a chance to try a new way of creating.
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