How to succeed in business

How to succeed in business can often feel like a huge mountain you have no idea how to climb. When you are starting out you have to manage all aspects of it, from the marketing, book keeping and social media updates. It barely gives you time to do the thing that you are passionate about- which is the creating! 

I’m pleased to let you know that there is this fantastic event coming up that you can attend for FREE from the comfort of your own home (or if you’re like me- the local coffee shop!).

What is also great about this conference of over 100 business experts, is that if you can’t make the exact time they are talking live, as long as you have registered, they will send you a recording to listen to later on. A win, win!

I will be speaking all about imposter syndrome and how it can actually have some benefits for your career. To book to hear my talk on the 4th September 2pm UK time 2018, head over to the schedule page on the Uppercase Missinglettr page by clicking here: PHILIY’S TALK

There are so many more great speakers and you can book as many slots as you like. This is the link to the whole schedule where you can choose them all. CLICK TO BOOK

Let me know in the comments below the Imposter Syndrome issues you are having. 

How to leave a corporate job for a creative one

Sometimes we have a dream to leave a corporate job for a creative one. But how on earth can we do it? For this podcast I was lucky enough to interview Bree Noble who did exactly that. She left her corporate job as a Director of finance to pursue a career in music.

Bree talks candidly about the journey she took from University, to the corporate world, and then finally leaving to fulfil her dreams of a creative career.

Bree was able to carve out a successful career, not only as a musician, but as a podcaster, and as a supporter of other musicians through online courses, sharing the tools that worked for her.

Listen to the podcast to find out more, and you can follow these links to see more of Bree’s work:

Women of Substance Podcast

Female music academy 

Bree’s own website

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Dealing with imposter syndrome

At some point in our careers imposter syndrome will strike. I have suffered with it many times, and it always feels like the little monster on your shoulder telling you that you shouldn’t be there.

Imposter syndrome was first coined in the 1970’s when a study in America at Georgia State University noticed that successful women suffered from chronic self doubt.

Men also suffer from imposter syndrome but not as often as women. There are several examples of high profile women who have come out and talked about their own feelings of dealing with imposter syndrome.

“There are still days when I wake up feeling like a fraud, not sure I should be where I am”
Facebook Chief Sheryl Sandberg

So why does hearing about how successful people also struggle with this help you? Imposter syndrome strikes when you are reaching out of your comfort zone and growing. If we can take a moment to thank it for showing us that we are challenging ourselves, we can gain some control back from it.

In this podcast I talk about why imposter syndrome strikes, how to overcome it & I set you a challenge to help you deal with your own imposter feelings.

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Training creative entrepreneurs

Training creative entrepreneurs is the highlight of my working career. I love to see the progress that they can make in only a week, and the relationships and networks that they build amongst the other participants during this business training course.

I have been lucky enough to deliver courses in Russia, Turkey, Brazil and Macedonia and have plans to deliver an online course very soon- so watch this space.

I wanted to share a video with you of my time training creatives in Macedonia. They had come from 5 Balkan countries- Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro. It was heartening to see relationships formed across all boarders. We laughed a lot and managed to work hard at the same time! You can see what the course involves in the video below.

The online course will be taking sign ups shortly. I have decided to include an online course so that it is easier for international creatives to be able to access the information that they need. My passion is to create international networks and this feels like the perfect way to achieve that.

If you are interested in finding out more about the future online course, please email me via with ONLINE COURSE as the subject line.

I hope you can become part of this vibrant community.