Ginny Bradley

I’m Ginny Bradley.
I’m a teacher and Managing Director of Creative Movements Ltd & Creative Movements Franchise Ltd.
I’m based in London, UK.

I run creative classes, workshops and parties that explore storytelling, movement and imagination with children. At Creative Movements, we offer intelligent and interesting material for children ages 18 months to eight years.

Anyango Mpinga

I’m Anyango Mpinga.
I’m a fashion designer.
I’m based in Nairobi, Kenya.

I design a ready to wear luxury women’s clothing line for my brand ANYANGO MPINGA. I create wardrobe essentials for the sophisticated woman who is looking for something unique to wear; that is authentic and timeless.

Alice Blogg

I’m Alice Blogg.
I’m a Craftswoman.
I’m based in Nettlecombe, Bridport, Dorset- UK

I’m a designer and maker working with British timbers making objects of beauty with function. Creating wooden free flowing tactile shapes such as lampshades, furniture, kitchens and small architectural structures. Focused on sustainability of material and the function of the object.

Beth Morafon

I’m Beth Marafon.
I’m an artist and Creative Director – Morafon Studios.
I’m based in Bristol, UK.

I design exhibitions and public art for the museum and heritage sector. In a nutshell I design the interface between visitors and the spaces they engage in. It’s called interpretation and helps visitors to better understand and relate to what they are experiencing, providing deeper knowledge or engagement.

Sophie-Louise Hyde

I’m Sophie-Louise Hyde.
I’m a writer and publisher.
I’m based in Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK.

I am an emerging poet and I am currently founder and business owner of The Student Wordsmith and In2Collision. The Student Wordsmith is an online writing and publishing platform aimed, specifically, at student and graduate writers.

Elle Cole

I’m Elle Cole.
I’m a designer.
I’m based in Dallas, Texas USA.

I’m a residential interior designer that caters to busy design professional. In a nutshell: “I design beautiful homes that inspire my clients, reflecting a well-lived life, who appreciate the meaning of home.”

Emily Hipche

I’m Emily Hipchen Bowie.
I’m a writer and I teach and edit.
I’m based in Carrollton, GA USA.

I write creative nonfiction essays and books—my first is a memoir,as well as poetry, short stories, and scholarship. I teach college writing and literature. I am one of the editors of the Female Entrepreneurs Institute website in my spare time, where I curate, edit, and write content interesting to women who found businesses.

Vicki Lesley

I’m Vicki Lesley.
I’m a film-maker.
I’m based in Brighton, UK.

I am currently directing an independent feature-documentary on the political history of nuclear power for cinema and TV broadcast, which we are aiming to premiere in 2016.

Becs Miller

I’m Becs Miller.
I’m a marketer and jeweller.
I’m based in Bristol, UK.

In my business Write and Reach I work with creative entrepreneurs to help them build their business through conscious marketing and publicity.

Chiara Condi

I’m Chiara Condi.
I’m an Entrepreneur.
I’m based in Paris, France.

I help women who have suffered from violence become entrepreneurs. I founded Led By HER, a social incubator in Paris that mobilizes business schools and the entrepreneurial community to help women build their own projects and achieve their full potential.