Becs Miller

Becs MillerI’m Becs Miller.

I’m a marketer and jeweller.

I’m based in Bristol, UK.

In my business Write and Reach I work with creative entrepreneurs to help them build their business through conscious marketing and publicity. Building on my own experience building my jewellery business, as well as working for national and international charities, I love to show other creatives how to promote their skills and build their business in a way that feels easy and fun.

I started out working in corporate marketing and PR teams, managing large PR campaigns for charities. At the same tie I was making jewellery for my friends and family. Following a round of redundancies in 2013 I decided to take the leap and build my own business. I’m really passionate about entrepreneurialism and I believe that every entrepreneur is creative, and so we can all build creativity into our businesses.

Have you found it difficult to enter your profession as a woman?

No, I haven’t found it difficult. In the past I was more held back by my own limitations and lack of confidence. But once I started to do my own research and put myself through online courses and evening classes I felt really motivated to succeed. For me, the process of building my business is as much fun as actually doing the creative work!

Did you have any help during your career?

I have had a couple of amazing mentors who have really helped me. One was a jewellery designer himself called Jez, he took the time to talk to me about the profession and give me some tips. I also had a fantastic mentor who was also my old manager when I worked in a PR team, and she gave me the big break I needed as well as the confidence to realise I could forge my own creative path.

What do you wish you had known when you started out?

Don’t get hung-up on perfection. I spent years feeling really creatively blocked and scared to make or do anything, but also really frustrated because I desperately wanted to do something!

If you could talk to your younger self now, what would you tell them?

I’d tell myself not to panic, everything takes time, so just go for it and give it all you’ve got.

Who has most inspired you and why?

hen I go to a local market and see all the fabulous traders who have spent hours creating the most wonderful products I feel really inspired. We have some great markets in Bristol, and I was very inspired by a fellow artist called Rosie McLay who is still very young but has so much passion and drive.

What tips would you give someone just starting out?

Marketing is important, even if it doesn’t feel fun. Try to market yourself consistently through social media and a blog. It’s also a great idea to build up a newsletter list of subscribers – Mailchimp is a fabulous free tool for this.

What was the best piece of advice anyone gave you?

My grandmother says ‘do as you would be done by’ from a character in the Water Babies. I relate this to creativity by thinking to myself, create things which I am proud of and which others will find useful as well as myself.

What inspiring quote to you love and where does it come from?

‘I can and I will, watch me!’ from online business legend Carrie Green.

Do you use any useful apps, systems or websites that you would like to share?

I love the iPhone app ‘A beautiful mess’ for creating fun & visual social media posts. I also love Asana, which is a free online project management tool.

My website Write & Reach:

And my jewellery site is Bristol Papillon: