Ginny Bradley

Ginny Bradley

I’m Ginny Bradley.

I’m a teacher and Managing Director of Creative Movements Ltd & Creative Movements Franchise Ltd.

I’m based in London, UK.

I run creative classes, workshops and parties that explore storytelling, movement and imagination with children. At Creative Movements, we offer intelligent and interesting material for children ages 18 months to eight years.

I attended several dance schools offering a diverse and well-rounded background of dance styles and techniques. I accepted a 5-year scholarship with the Royal Academy of Dance where I received the Lady Plender Cup for best and most promising dancer in the United Kingdom.

At age 19, I began my professional dance career. After working professionally in London, around the United Kingdom and in Europe, I moved to Australia. While in Australia, I founded my own dance studio and professional dance company – Vision Dance, as well as developed Creative Movements in schools and nurseries.

Fifteen years later, I moved back to London and gained a postgraduate degree in drama / movement therapy at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I have since continued my work with Creative Movements in London. For over twenty years, I have successfully run creative classes, workshops and parties all around north London. Now, we have expanded the Creative Movements business into a franchise around the United Kingdom.

Did you have any help during your career? 

One of the main reasons I wanted to start Creative Movements was to create a personal business, which would inspire and leave a profound effect on children from all backgrounds. I found inspiration and help from many teachers throughout my career. Experience was the best teacher for me.

What do you wish you had know when you started out? 

As I am most acquainted with the creative side of this business, my time has been absorbed in that area. I regret not taking more time, on the outset, to develop my business skills.

If you could talk to your younger self now, what would you tell them?

I would encourage new business owners to understand all aspects of running their business. I would also urge them to engage with other professionals so that they are fully supported.

Who has most inspired you and why?

Children. I think we can learn so much from watching children play naturally. This has inspired my format for classes and other events. I leave plenty of space for the children to contribute and steer the sessions.

What tips would you give someone just starting out?

Be authentic. Build a reputation because you love and are passionate about what you do.

What was the best advice anyone gave you?

To hold on to one’s vision, in promoting the ethos of the business.

What inspiring quote to you love and where does it come from?

“Creative work is the fullest human expression of being alive. It comes from inside out and has no boss other than an inner demand to create a thing of beauty that previously did not exist”

– Earnie Larsen and Carol Larsen Hegarty.

Do you use any useful apps, systems or websites that you would like to share?

In London, we benefit from the technical and design expertise of Brando-Media Ltd for our website and bespoke online booking system. We work with KIDsorted and ParentVille for classes, workshops and parties; these are two wonderful growing businesses that spread the word about our classes in North London.

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

I am proud to offer this valuable work to others, to help them develop and operate as their own businesses. Creative Movements is unique in the children’s marketplace, and I feel strongly that we spread this valuable work, especially in the today’s fast-paced world where glowing screens can hinder children’s imagination and creativity.

I’m delighted to be invited to share my Creative Movements experience with WOW. Thank you Philiy for inviting me to share my stories.