Karen Coetzee

I’m Karen Coetzee.
I’m a producer.
I’m based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

I primarily I facilitate international productions coming to film in the UAE. This involves budgeting, scheduling, contracting and managing the technical and creative teams that are brought on board to deliver the creative vision of the Director and Client.

Jane Laurie

I’m Jane Laurie.
I’m an artist.
I’m based in Hackney, London, UK.

I am an a specialising in painting, wildlife, nature and scientific subject matter. Although I paint animals of all kinds, I have lately been depicting endangered species. I work in ink on paper, as well as acrylic and oils on canvas.

Jessica Williams

I’m Jessica Williams.
I’m a manager and entrepreneur.
I’m based in Chicago, IL, USA.

I own Tech Biz Gurl, LLC – a business with the goal of helping female entrepreneurs fuel their dreams using the power of technology.

Karen Sherwood

I’m Karen Sherwood.
I’m a gallery owner/ artist/ curator.
I am based in Hillsborough, Sheffield, UK.

I run a private, non funded, contemporary art gallery and a bespoke picture framing business. I work very hard showcasing and selling work by living contemporary artists across all media.